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July, 14 2014

We have all experienced going to a doctor's office, checking in with reception, and waiting for your number to be called. After you are semi-warmly brought back to the office, a nurse may take your vitals and then have you slip into a cold gown as you eagerly await your doctor's arrival. When the doctor enters the room, he hardly looks at you, asks you a couple of questions, and then, for the remainder of the visit, buries his face in his computer as he updates your electronic records. As you leave the office, you are only semi-satisfied, and all that is on your mind is how much the healthcare profession has changed. 

Now imagine this. Going into a facility where the only concern is not how much time you have with the physician; not how your insurance benefits have changed; not worrying how long you will spend waiting for a scheduled appointment. The fact of the matter is, there is such healthcare available like this on Chicago's south side. APM Surgical Group, LTD rolls out the red carpet for all of its patients from entrance to exit. In fact, in this particular practice, you entered and exited thru 'revolving doors'. 

It is a proven fact that in all medical practices, your first impression of an office begins at reception. There is nothing like walking into an office to be greeted with a big smile and cheerful attitude the day of your procedure. 

Following your procedure, we monitor your vitals and discharge you with information relating to the procedure. We address any and all concerns, provide you with after-care instructions as well as follow up appointments with your doctor. 

No one looks forward to a trip to the doctor's office. At APM Surgical Group, LTD, your entire experience will make you think differently about healthcare.